Marcel Christianis

I design, code and write.


Sempoa Sip

Summer 2014

Lead Designer and Front-end Developer

Experienced a two months paid internship from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in their office as a lead designer and front-end developer. Responsible for the User Interface and Design of the company's new website and administration system. Spent a month working with a group of developers, marketing team and directors.


Summer 2013

Graphic Designer

Spent one month internship working with a team of designers with the goal of creating the company's branding guide which consist of standardized logo, fonts, color, graphics and other graphic element to be used on all of the company's media.

Pt. Cyberindo Aditama

Summer 2010

Trainee Network Engineer

Spent two weeks internship learning the basic of networking directly from network engineers at an internet service provider. Had the chance to look at the server that made our online experience possible and also play around with routers and servers.


The Pastry Box Project

20 December 2014

What I Learn From My First Professional Work

The Pastry Box Project is a renowned publication site that gathers 30 people who are each influential in their field and asks them to share thoughts regarding what they do, published everday througout the year at the rate of one per day. I was fortunate to had the chance to contribute and share my thoughts at The Pastry Box Project during their open submission period titled What I Learn From My First Professional Work.


Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Class of 2014

IB Bilingual Diploma

Awarded IB Bilingual Diploma. Earned from completing six IB Subjects: English, History and Economics as High Level Subjects and Bahasa Indonesia, Physics and Mathematics as Standard Level Subjects.


2014 - Present

Business Management

Currently enrolled in Universitas Pelita Harapan and Royal Melbourn Institute of Technology's joint degree. Will later graduate as RMIT's Bachelor of Business and UPH's Bachelor of Economy.


Student Council

2013 - 2014

Yearbook Committee

Was a part of SPH's Student Council as a Designer in the Yearbook Committee. Was responsible for the design of the yearbook itself. Had the chance to work with a group of amazing designers and also learn managing skills through helping managing photoshoots and sales.

Web Design Club

2012 - 2013

Club Leader

Was the leader of Web Design Club at SPH. The club goal was to teach the basic of web design. The club was attended by 10 other friends who had interest in web design. Our final project was presenting a probono work for Masyarakat Skoliosis Indonesia's homepage.


University Connection

Web Design and Development

University Connection is a startup that sought to connect students from Indonesia to universities abroad and give them the chance to study there. I had the chance to design the website for them, code the front-end view as well as the back-end logic of the website.

PT. Putera Kencana Mandiri Persada

Front-end and Back-end Development

Better known as PKMP, they are a company that has years of experience in the gravel industry. I had the chance to code the front-end view as well as the back-end logic of their main company site. It was an honor to work with them.

UPH Business Week

Web Design and Development

Every year, UPH Business Faculty conduct their yearly highlight being UPH Business Week. I was fortunate to have the chance to design all of their event websites, back-end logic as well as registration system for the event.

Indonesian Pen Spinning Board

Administrator, Web Design and Development

IPSB is Indonesia's pen spinning community. It had been featured in magazines such as HAI and Just4Kids and also televisions such as OChannel, ANTV, MetroTV and TvOne. Recently, IPSB flew to China for pen spinning world tournament sponsored by Zhigao. Had personally appeared in OChannel twice for a live talk show.

Writer, Web Design and Development

Ideas to Share is a design and development blog I started due to the lack of quality design and development resources in Indonesia. Currently there are more than 100 people subscribed to the blog.

Writer, Web Design and Development

Learn To Code is a web based book I created to teach people how to start creating websites. The book is written in Bahasa Indonesia due to my concern of the lack of quality design and development resources in Indonesia. Currently there are more than 150 people reading the book.


Web Design and Development

GustaVet is a Veterinary led by Dr.Gustav Ananta Mueller. I had the privilege to serve Dr.Gustav Ananta Muelelr in crafting this website for GustaVet's daily operational use.

Uri Maeum

Web Design and Development

Uri Maeum is a project that sought to soothe people's Kpop obsession. This project is unique as the application is written in AngularJS and will be accompanied with iOS application in the near future.

Asosiasi Dokter Hewan Akupunkturis Indonesia

Web Design and Development

AkupunkturisHewan is the home of Asosiasi Dokter Hewan Akupunkturis Indonesia. This website serves as the hub for all articles, knowledge and courses related to ADHAI. I had the chance to craft this home for them.


Web Design and Development

Localoce is a directory for all indie brands in Indonesia. It boast quality content and also features that support the community to share and explore. I had the chance to built their feature from the ground up as well as designin its experience.



Fluent English

Comprehensive Writing


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Sketch 3